By Debbie 07 Dec, 2017
When you bought your home, you may have been excited just to have a master bathroom. However, after using the room over the course of several years, you may realize that some things are missing. If you want to create a haven in your own master bathroom, you will need to do some work. You can replicate a spa-like experience inside your own home when you take on the right projects.
Working with professionals who specialize in bathroom design will help you accomplish this goal.

Add or Expand Windows

A worthwhile project is adding or expanding the windows in the master bathroom. In Newport Beach, the sun shines anywhere from 7 hours to 13 hours  a day depending on the time of year. You may need larger windows or one or two extra windows to increase the natural light inside your master bath.
Expanding the size of existing windows will not take as much work as adding all new windows. This is because it involves expanding the frame as opposed to cutting out a new space in the wall.

Make an Ocean View

If you live by the ocean, another thing that you should try to accomplish when changing the master bathroom is to create an ocean view. A partial or full ocean view will give you something lovely to look at while you're in the bathroom. You will usually accomplish this with new windows or even floor-to-ceiling windows.
When coming up with the design, you need to think about where you will spend the most time. The ideal places to have an ocean view from are the shower, bath or sink area. You may need to change the layout of the bathroom so that one of these features has the incredible view.

Focus on Relaxation

To create a haven in a bathroom, you will need to prioritize things that help you relax. A lot of noise in the house or outside will distract you from relaxing, so you should invest in sound insulation. One way to minimize outside sounds is to replace the windows with double-paned windows. You can even pick triple-paned windows, but your main goal should be replacing single-paned ones.
To minimize noise in the house, you should replace the bathroom door with one that has a solid core. This will block a lot more sound when compared to a standard hollow core interior door. The door will also add a sense of luxury because it will feel so heavy when you open or close it.

Introduce Sound

Sound can play a huge role in affecting your mood. Therefore, you should not hesitate to add a sound system to your master bathroom. You can add in-wall and ceiling speakers around the space. This will allow you to play music or relaxing sounds while you are taking a bath or shower. In addition, since a solid core door will improve sound blockage, you can listen to loud music with confidence.

Bring In the Sunshine

When replacing or adding new windows, you must consider your own privacy. You can add etched glass, frosted glass or even window film to provide you with privacy. If you want a way to bring in even more light without sacrificing privacy, you should plan to install skylights.
Skylights give you a lot of flexibility because you can add treatments for customization. You can cover up the skylight windows at night or alter the natural light in the day with blinds or curtains, just like with conventional windows. So, you should feel confident about adding several of these to the bathroom to bring in the sunshine.

By Debbie 14 Nov, 2017
Are you in the mood for a home improvement project this year? Before you make any plans, you should consider the latest in kitchen trends. Redoing your kitchen can breathe new life into your home and add value when you are ready to sell. These three popular styles may give you the inspiration you need for a kitchen makeover.

Popping Patterns

Subway tiles, which have been popular for years, may have finally run their course. Homeowners have lots of room for bold custom tile work to punch up the style. Look to your backsplash for a fun way to add color and flavor to your kitchen.

Smart Technology

New high-tech features are always in style, and 2017 can offer you the latest in smart and hands-free features. Sensor faucets allow fast access to clean hands and utensils quickly, while appliances can now coordinate functions through your smartphone. There really is an app for everything – even your kitchen.

Covert Operations

Free up counter space and clutter with built-in storage for small appliances. Kitchen design is making smart use of below-counter space for microwaves or dishwashing drawers. Even larger kitchen appliances are offering cabinet facades to give them a less prominent feel.
Other ways to update your kitchen can focus on color and materials to add texture to your space. If you would like more information about what’s new in kitchen remodeling, contact Roomscapes Inc. today.
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