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Thinking Outside The Box

food cellar
Roomscapes challenges modern design trends by embracing bold initiatives and working smarter and harder to be the best source for new construction or remodels. One area that sets Roomscapes apart from other design groups is the ability to take customer input and create an amazing design concept that fits or redefines are home. Here are three new or re-envisioned ideas that truly are “thinking outside the box”. 
  1. Food Cellar – The idea is turn of the century, but the timing is very fitting. With so many people opting for farm to table dining, a food cellar makes a lot of sense. Buy in bulk and save money!
  2. Study – Close the study off and replace the books with cedar, airtight cabinets to hold cigars with independent humidity controls. Include ventilation for the main room and you have a cigar study room.
  3. Panic Elevator – Elevators are well-known features, but an elevator or dumbwaiter system to a hidden panic room is a new concept. The room can be built in the sub-basement or underground bunker.
Truly, these concepts are not for the mainstream and will be created for function rather than decoration. Roomscapes welcomes your ideas so contact us to get started on your home project!