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Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Decorative Disney Cabinet Hardware

One of my favorite things as a kitchen designer is looking for new cabinetry hardware.  There is such a broad selection of styles, finishes, applications and quality levels.  I never fully understand a client that asks about doing a new kitchen without hardware……why would you want this???
Hardware is not only decorative, it really does serve a purpose of protecting your investment in cabinetry.   We all know how the finish can become damaged around a knob or handle, or on that much-used trash can pull out door.  A great piece of hardware will help to save that finish for many years.  Plus, with all the amazing choices to select from…..why not make this the “jewelry” for your cabinet!
From the classic bar pulls that we have seen as “contemporary” thru the years and are still popular (with or without the “pocket ripper” ears) to the ornate and beautifully designed pieces for those more traditional projects or special furniture pieces, hardware is the one element that can set your project apart from all the other kitchens.  Many people may have a white shaker cabinet, but who else will have the fun fork and spoon pulls?   Imagine your laundry room cabinets with these great little shirt and pant pulls!  Or have some fun in a child’s bedroom or bath with the Mickey pulls!  A knob like this can always be changed when they become teenagers!
Need a little sparkle in your life?  How about your master closet drawers with this added bling to start your day!  Don’t underestimate how a great piece of hardware that you love will make you happy.
So, next time you look at your kitchen or master bath….think about those knobs (or lack of knobs!!) and get excited about installing some beautiful hardware.
And for the ladies with long nails….it’s super important to make sure the handles or knobs are comfortable and project enough to protect your cabinetry.  Backplates are always an option if your nails are tough enough to dig into the cabinetry finish!
Drilling for handles is specific, so make sure you are happy with your selection…since not all handles are drilled alike.
If you are doing matching cabinetry panels on your appliances, you may want to seek out hardware pieces that have a full “family” of sizes specifically for appliances.  These handles are usually larger in scale and come with a more secure screw attachment.  The option of purchasing appliance pulls with your appliance is also another option….and maybe they don’t need to match “exactly” to what you are putting on the cabinetry.  This is an important decision that can cause lots of heartache later!!
  • Chrome has made a big comeback in the past few years…somewhat because of the Polished Nickel popularity.  It is durable and clean looking.  Great for contemporary or transitional styles.
  • Polished Nickel is a classic look that is beautiful on every style.  It does tend to “tarnish” so be aware of this.  Simple cleaning will maintain this finish.
  • Satin Nickel or Brushed Stainless is the number one seller, due to the “match” with stainless steel appliances.  These finishes will vary in color with the manufacturer, so be careful about mixing them.
  • Brass, Copper & Gold are also trending again, due to the great contrast they show.  These can be a special feature in your space.  Brushed and polished finishes, antique finishes and Rose Gold are all creating a new look!
  • Matte Black is another hot color right now, traditional or contemporary.  The new urban loft look or the country barn feel. 
  • True Stainless Steel is also available, mostly contemporary styles.  Very important when we are looking for hardware for our outdoor kitchens.  We always recommend marine grade stainless steel for these projects.
  • Antique finishes with black accents are still around, depending on what part of the country you are in and the style that you like.  Another option for this is the solid cast bronze hardware, these are usually expensive due to the material but create a strong quality statement. 
  • Glass and Lucite hardware is also an option.  You may love the classic look of a cut-glass knob or the colorful options of more contemporary pieces.
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