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6 Tricks For The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is one of the hardest working rooms in your home. You prepare food, clean up, and often eat in the kitchen. To better facilitate these tasks, you may be planning a kitchen remodel. You have so many options for kitchen upgrades. Find out six tricks that will help boost both the style and the functionality of your kitchen.
Choose a Cohesive Color Palette
The foundation of any cohesive décor is a set color palette. One option is to start with the color wheel and choose hues based on set schemes such as analogous, triadic, and complementary. This is commonly what designers do to customize a scheme to your preferences.
Another option is to choose a classic color palette. Home and Garden TV defines five classic palettes:
  • Brown, blue, and cream
  • Monochromatic (tone on tone)
  • Shades of orange and blue
  • Black and white with a bright accent
  • Nature-inspired (such as brown, purple, and green)
When working with a palette, you start with a foundational shade and add one or two accent colors. You should have a primary and secondary accent color. The design should feature the primary accent color dominantly, such as in big items or interspersed throughout the room. The secondary color just accentuates the main colors.
Include Adequate Lighting
The kitchen is such a hard-working space that you must have adequate lighting. Old-fashioned kitchens often featured a single overhead light, which isn't nearly enough. For functionality, you should have task lighting in main food preparation areas. For beauty, your kitchen can also include accent lighting to highlight interesting areas of architecture.
Customize your Storage
There's never enough storage in your kitchen — unless you plan for it. When you remodel your kitchen, don't just add storage, customize it to meet all your needs. This can include adding inserts for small utensils or specialized items, such as baking sheets. You can also have special cubbies installed for stashing small appliances.
Likewise, your cabinets should feature easy-access design. For instance, it may make sense to include a vertical pull-out cabinet that consists of shelving for dried goods. You should also include lazy Susans for deep cabinets.
Add Open Shelving
Cabinetry comprises a large proportion of your kitchen's visual space. If you leave all your cabinet doors intact, this can present a closed feel to your kitchen. Therefore, plan to incorporate open shelving as part of your storage. You can display pretty crockery or storage bins to match form with function.
It's also possible to achieve a similar effect by opening up the cabinets themselves. You can have some of the doors removed, or you can have them replaced with glass panes. It's also possible to choose special design options, such as metal mesh, to promote a specific design style.
Tailor a Kitchen Island
A kitchen island can really facilitate your routines. Typically, islands are for food preparation, cooking, or dining. The surface and layout of your kitchen island depends on which you choose. For instance, you'll need a tall island with an overhang if you want to create a breakfast bar on your island.
According to Home and Garden TV, no matter the style of your island, it should be at least four feet long and two feet deep. If your kitchen isn't large enough for that, consider a movable island that you can roll out of the way.
Design a Drinks Station
A current trend in kitchen design is designating areas to specific tasks. Here's where a drinks station comes into play. Some options for a drinks station are the following:
  • Wet bar
  • Wine bar
  • Coffee bar
  • Smoothie bar
Your drinks station should feature adequate working surface. In fact, choose a countertop material that will withstand any spills or drinks prep required. Likewise, include storage for your drinkware. You might consider having a sink and/or miniature refrigerator installed so that storage and clean up are contained around your drinks station.
Designing a kitchen remodel can feel like a daunting task. Let Roomscapes help you plan the ultimate kitchen makeover.